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Battle of Athens State Historic Site, Clark County, Missouri (August 2019)

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Meeting details: this should be one of our most entertaining meetings EVER!

Hank Cramer will perform a concert of 19th century soldier songs and folk ballads on Thursday evening, March 9 at the China Harbor Restaurant in Seattle. Accompanying himself on a vintage guitar from that era, he will perform songs popular around the soldiers’ campfires.

Hank is one of the most popular folk singers in the Pacific Northwest. His trademarks are a booming bass voice, a wry sense of humor, and smooth picking on a vintage flat-top guitar. He has recorded 24 CDs and three movie soundtracks, and he has performed at historic sites and music festivals across the nation.

In addition to being a talented musician, Cramer is an historian, educator, and retired military officer. Hank blends history and music into educational programs. His subjects are as varied as the Oregon Trail, life in the frontier army, sea shanties from the days of sail, and the Celtic influence in American cowboy music.

Cramer resides in Washington’s Methow Valley with his cowgirl wife Kit and their many critters. He is retired from the US Army and took a second career in Emergency Management. His music has earned him many citations, including the prestigious Humanities Washington Award presented to one performer each year for outstanding cultural contribution. Hank currently holds a Gold Star Fellowship from Congress, advocating on behalf of those families who have lost loved ones in service to America.

For more information, contact Hank at; phone 509 429-2848; or visit his website at

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While you’re here, check out the new links on the “Education” page! Use the tab above to click to it. Art and Barbara Banner have submitted a great article on Chimborazo Hospital, and Mark Terry’s article on the First Washington has been refreshed.

Some basics: our meetings are held monthly, September to May, conditions permitting, at the China Harbor Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Menu selections include Mongolian beef, chicken, salmon, or vegetarian. Cost for 2022-2023 will be $28. Our meetings generally feature a guest speaker, with topics ranging across many viewpoints, and with expertise drawn from the academic and professional communities.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is threefold: to educate, to preserve, and to remember. We seek to inform ourselves and others about the American Civil War and its era. We seek to preserve heritage through local and national projects. We seek to remember those who struggled for their cause, especially those who helped to make the state of Washington the place it is today. In this endeavor, we seek the services of the most outstanding scholars of the world. If you would like to be a speaker for us, please contact us!

Our Board of Directors

Most of our officers are elected for two year terms. Many positions are available for volunteers. Check it out!

Contact us through Facebook or Twitter, or message us through this web site, or send us an e-mail at

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